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About the Research Institute
The corporate research institute of TANJIN DAXIANG TAPE Co., Ltd has made steady strides since its foundation and has developed acrylic polymerization technology to keep pace with the trends of adhesive tape market.

The corporate research institute is striving to cope with the requirements of various fields to help usher in brighter future with customers and proceeding with research activities to develop technologies vital for domestic/overseas electrical, electronic, construction, and automotive industries. Additionally, it has increased investment to expand technologies for  solvent-type adhesives and emulsion adhesive products.

We will make ceaseless efforts to secure and develop technologies, coupled with steady expansion of investment, to evolve into a leader in our field.
Organization of Research Institute
Our researcher have stood at the forefront of efforts to help the company establish an unrivalled leading position in industry under the slogan of excellent product development and great satisfaction of customers while accumulating technological assets for the company by securing highly-skilled and qualified research workforce.