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We will evolve into the provider of the best solutions based on active investment and relentless R&D efforts.

TIANJIN DAXIANG TAPE Co., Ltd. has focused on the adhesive tape industry since its foundation in 2002 and has been striving to make products that meet the requirements of customers based on relentless R&D efforts and active investment in facilities with an aim to produce the best products with unmatched quality and price competitiveness.

TIANJIN DAXIANG TAPE is responding swiftly to the changes in the materials of apparel industry and rapidly evolving IT industry, and has gained recognition for excellent quality from prominent global large companies.

TIANJIN DAXIANG TAPE will solidify its leading position as the specialized supplier of adhesive tapes that have the strongest competitiveness, and we will continue to put our heart and soul into product development and quality control as a reliable partner fulfilling the requirements of customers under the slogan of oneness with customers.

CEO Um Sang Yong