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Insulation Application 

Electric insulation tape is used primarily for interlayer insulation of various transformers, motor insulation, and DY fixation, and has very wide-ranging applications.


It has excellent adhesion, heat resistance, insulation and flexibility, and also has flame-retardant family.

Category Electronic products Insultation tape Business client Field of application
Total thickness Product name
Home appliances Electronic insulation Refrigerator
Electrical fan, etc
Motor coil(for bobbin winding) of products such as refrigerator and electrical fan, etc
120㎛ DPA-820
220㎛ DPA-280
220㎛ MP-300SG
Fixing Application

The fixing tape is used primarily for display(Mobile, Tablet PC, Laptops, Monitors, TV) and FPCB. It is a double-sided adhesive tape using the polyester film of various thickness, and has excellent shape stability and makes the position selection easier while fixing the precision IT components and parts.

Category Electronic products Fixing tape Business client Filed of application
Total thickness Product name
Fixing Mobile
Tablet PC
30㎛ DPA-DP0903 SAMSUNG Mobile
OLED module, (F)PCB sector,
Black differential compensation,
Grounding, Touch Screen,
LCD Division, VD Division, Application for sash mounting
50㎛ DSS-P106
100㎛ DSS-P107
200㎛ DPA-DP0520
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